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Prepare yourselves for a veritable feast of musical goodness as everyones favorite funk technician Basement Freaks presents a huge package of fresh worldly beats straight into your inbox with the latest release on Bombastic Jam.

For this bumper five track collection the hardest working man in ghetto funk delivers the trademark phatness that you’ve come to expect but pushes the boundaries by heavily drawing on music that has influenced him throughout his career to date, which includes the hugely successful and critically acclaimed Something Freaky album that dropped earlier in the year on the mighty Jalapeno Records.

Opening track The Art Of Afro drags you kicking and screaming straight into the thick of the action with bleeps and swirling synth lines before unleashing a speaker busting bassline that’ll make your cheeks wobble and your toes curl. Polka Step is not only the name of the next track but possibly the start of it’s own genre. Only Basement Freaks would think to fuse this classic age old European style of music with one of the heaviest forms of current dance music in such a way, and only he would do it so amazingly well. They say that every real musical genius is a little crazy and non-conformist and the proof that this artist is far from ‘the norm’ is delivered in Symphony Of The Devil. And if you’ve been checking out what’s hot recently then you’ll have heard that the freshest beats are Balkan. You’ll know why when you wrap your ears around The Balkan Jam which also features the talented vocals of George Perin who you’ll recognise from the smash hit single Something Freaky, arguably Basement Freaks’ seminal release and rinsed by top jocks across the whole dance music scene. Wrapping up this diverse EP is A Day After, a more blissed out affair sampling a famous Eve melody which will leave you purring with musical satisfaction.

Bombastic Jam continues to come correct with the freshness and we’re confident that with this selection we’re giving you a bunch of firing tracks that will be rocking your dancefloors throughout the upcoming Summer months and beyond.

Relese Date : 28 April