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Form and Function: That Content Really Ties the Room Together – Convergent AV

TAD Partner and Director of Content, Jeffrey Casserino says he’s seen four legitimate opportunities to design and deploy business-critical interactive content:

  1.   BRANDING AND INTERACTIVE:  : Traditional signage and promotional content is now interactive. In fact, according to Embed Signage, interactive signage increases advertising revenue by 1200%. Digital experience companies must align with the objectives of the client-side marketing departments.
  2. GUI’s Graphical User Interfaces, on control panels like Crestron, AMX, or Uteology, are ubiquitous and tend to be system agnostic.  However, if the UI is not easy to use, then the system doesn’t work. Customization of this human-machine interface point is seen to be on the rise.
  3. DATA VISUALIZATIONData is crazy available now, and there are numerous firms that offer ways to aggregate, which defines the problem of consumption. Content designers are now being asked to create models that translates data from external sources into easily consumed visuals that are intuitive to the sight. The balance between art of visualization and the science of relevant data sets.
  4. MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT: Events, facilities, wayfinding, marketing and branding, it’s now standard practice to leverage the supercomputers that we all have in our pockets.  Mobile app development is now a service that many digital design firms are offering.  TAD Associates, when designing experience centers or EBC’s, will often offer to package wayfinding and itinerary mobile apps to help its clients provide a full package of customer/ employee engagement tools.