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Click to Brick: Even Microsoft entering the fray


Kate Hudson

Co-founder of an e-tail company Fabletics an + a strong voice behind opening the 24 brick-and-mortar stores

Collect data about customers’ choices in the stores to better understand and better serve all Fabletics shoppers – from those buying digitally to those browsing the displays.
The company has since opened 22 stores across America, with two more opening soon. To truly test their retail experiment, Fabletics selected mid-size and suburban markets like Torrance, California; Skokie, Illinois; and Bridgewater, New Jersey.
 “Let’s say a shopper clicks on a shirt, looks at it on our website but doesn’t buy it. Why didn’t she buy it? Was it the price? Was it the color? Was the image bad? We don’t know. We were just kind of lost on that.”